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It's true. Everybody loves a balloon - especially when twisted into familiar objects and animals. The art of creating things from balloons is called twisting.

Kinds of Balloons

The most popular type of balloon for twisting is called a 260. The number refers to the size of the balloon when fully inflated. The 2 means it is about 2 inches wide and the 60 means it is about 60 inches long. A 321 (also called a bee body) is 3 inches wide and 21 inches long when fully inflated. A 350 is 3 inches wide and 50 inches long when fully inflated. The 260s are the most popular.


Keep your balloons in a cool, dry, and dark place. They will last longer and will be less likely to break when you start using them. Many twisters keep their balloon stash in a closet or even the refrigerator.


Blowing a 260 up with your mouth is just plain dangerous. It is much safer and more efficient to use a balloon pump. Hand-pumps are sold at most magic or supply stores, but more expensive electric pumps are also available. If you are creative, you can also use a bicycle pump.

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